* BlackComedy: In spades!
** The over-the-top, karmic deaths
** The household's nonchalance regarding the obviously troubled child in their midst
** TheAntichrist doing chores around the house, up to and including collecting his mother's used panties
* CompleteMonster: [[VillainProtagonist Lucius Wagner]], the [[TheAntichrist son of Lucifer]] was born in the Wagner household via [[DealWithTheDevil a deal made by his grandfather and his true father for wealth and power]] where he was destined to bring forth the end of the world. Committing his first murder [[EnfantTerrible at the age of six]], Lucius was then called for by Lucifer to fulfill his destiny, with his first task being increasing his power. The only way he could is by killing more individuals, and Lucius coldly does what he was told, while showing a [[SilentProtagonist silent enjoyment]] towards his gruesome serial killing by making witty and clever comments about his kills in his journal and manipulating everything to look like an accident. Once nearly done with his role, [[{{Matricide}} Lucius kills his beloved mother]], despite her raising him with love, and then framing his father for the crimes. In the second game, Lucius continues his bloody spree of crimes despite being abandoned by Lucifer, and in the beginning of the game kills a nun despite having no power. He then hunts down more victims to cover up his tracks while also increasing his own power to bring forth the end and killing any potential sons of the devil despite being his siblings. Lucius may be the son of the devil, but it doesn't change that he's human and had all the choice to decide for himself.
* EvilIsCool: It is. It just is. Telekinesis, Mind Control and oh so many more deliciously evil powers. What more can you want?!
* {{Narm}}: [[spoiler:Isaac]] speaking. Sure, he's [[spoiler: an Antichrist figure equal in power to Lucius]], but it's tough to take him seriously with a generic demon-filtered voice emanating from a stiff, flapping mouth.
** "The rest of you will join us beneath the bedrock of justice!"
* SpiritualAdaptation: The setup is suspiciously similar to ''Film/TheOmen'', with the juvenile, black-haired antichrist murdering people.
* UncannyValley: This is one of the few cases where LimitedAnimation works. Lucius seldom has anything but a blank expression on his face and it's '''creepy'''.
* WhatAnIdiot: The game has the eponymous character [[spoiler:taking control of his "father" Charles into killing his mother, Nancy, with a nail gun]]. At the same time, [=McGuffin=] and another police officer are present at the scene.\\
'''You'd Expect''': that he puts two and two together that Lucius is responsible for [[spoiler:taking control of his "father" and killing his mother]] and has him locked up. Happy ending, indeed.\\
'''Instead''': he comes to a conclusion that [[spoiler:Charles]] is responsible for the murder, and tries to lead chase to him. During that time, he has the other police officer watch over Lucius [[spoiler:which he does murder]]. For him, he assumes the worse after this.