YMMV / Kingpin: Life of Crime

  • Memetic Mutation: In Russia, this game is mainly known for its infamous translation made by Fargus Multimedia, which turns hamminess of voice acting Up to Eleven and replaces half of the dialogue with lots and lots of Russian swearing. It's still one of the most commonly used sources for Russian YTP videos.
  • Scrappy Weapon: The grenade launcher from this game. Most grenade launchers in video games either fire grenades that explode on contact with enemies, hold more than three rounds in a magazine, let you carry more than 18 rounds total (especially if the game's bazooka has a clip of five shots and an ammo cap of one hundred rockets), take less than four seconds to explode, exist in games where enemies aren't smart enough to run like hell before the 'nade goes off or some combination of the above. Kingpin's grenade launcher is not any of these things. It's so bad that not even the AI can figure out how to kill you with it.