YMMV / Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja

  • Awesome Music: Nearly all of the music in the first game. Snake Hole, in particular, stands out.
  • Demonic Spiders
    • The Grade-A Mushroom enemy from the first game. Attacking them—especially with a sword equipped—has a high chance of duplicating the Mushroom, causing more enemy Mushrooms to appear. Not only that, but they have a powder attack that can cause both Confusion—which prevents you from moving or attacking straight, but you can still throw straight and use talismans—and Poison—which prevents natural healing. There is nothing stopping them from spouting powder more than once. Combined with the fact that there is also an enemy in the same dungeon as them—Ittan Nylon—that can give you the Seal status effect, preventing you from using talismans to help yourself, the Grade-A Mushroom becomes an enemy to fear.
    • The butterfly enemy has the ability to lower your level, and there is nothing preventing them from doing it more than once.
    • Frogguns in Snake Hole might not be this, but they may sometimes lay an egg when they die. Normally one would attack it because early on enemies aren't that though and the spawn of a fully grown Froggun can't be hard, right? But soon you'll see its unholy spawn, the Tadduns, are two times harder than the hardest enemy you fought so far, can kill you in guaranteed three hits before you are Level 10, have the highest HP cap before the boss and are impossible t obe dealt with if you rely on tools and weapons. Time to pull out Charge and Fire Pills, as well as a couple of Lights of Healing. This is basically the way the game uses to tell you to not judge an enemy by its appearance or how it was spawned.
  • Goddamned Bats
    • In the first game, the high-speed enemies. They can move twice in a single turn, as well as move and attack in a turn. Luckily they can't attack twice in a single turn.
    • The Talis line of enemies, specifically the Talisouls and Talispecters. These enemies can use a special attack that sticks a Suitai talisman to your equipment, which lowers the equipment's Attack and Defense slightly. There is nothing stopping them from doing this more than once. They can use this move from a ranged distance. Luckily, not being very smart enemies, sometimes the Talis enemies throw the Suitai talisman onto other enemies, lowering their level and making them less powerful and easier to defeat.
  • Les Yay: Izuna and Shino, mostly in promotional art for the series. Izuna and Shizune as well, both in promotional art and their team up move.
  • Moe: Tsubaki the storehouse keeper, who's also a clumsy glasses-wearing shrine maiden.
  • That One Side Quest: Completing your gallery entries, which requires film to take the photos of one-time only characters such bosses, and in the sequel, Tsuki before finding out who she really is and pre-unmasked Mitsumoto. Film is also somewhat scarce to find in dungeons.