YMMV: Interview with the Vampire

  • Ensemble Dark Horse: After Interview its hard to deny that Lestat became the main protagonist of the rest of the series.
  • Narm: "This place is cursed! DAAAAAMNED!"
    • When Lestat launches into the air as he's biting Louis, since it looks ridiculous and is clearly accomplished by incredibly obvious wires.
    • Every line spoken by Antonio Banderas/Armand
    • Lestat dancing with Claudia's dead mother, which is clearly a dummy. "THERE'S STILL LIFE IN THE OLD LADY YET!"
  • One-Scene Wonder: No one forgets the terrified prostitute that Lestat plays with before killing her.
  • Retroactive Recognition:
    • Mary Jane is a vampire?
    • This was also one of Thandie Newton's first film appearances.
  • Seinfeld Is Unfunny: Vampires aren't supernatural demons serving Hell, but people stuck in an existential crisis.
    • If you forget works of Polidori, LeFanu, Tolstoy, Stoker and Murnau and Herzog then, technically, yes.
      • At least two of the examples above are supernatural demons serving hell, though still manage to make interesting characters.
      • More like "Vampires aren't old world demonic aristocrats, but angsty New Orleans gentlemen."
      • There is actually a line by Lestat about the old world/new world aristocracy thing in the first or second book, with the Louisiana planters trying their best to be at the height of modern court manners despite being an ocean away from Paris, while Lestat's family, being old and incredibly powerful feudal aristocracy, behaves in ways that are downright medieval even in the 18th century. Lestat is still very much the old world demonic aristocrat type in the first book.
  • Uncanny Valley: There is an unwholesome, doll-like quality to the disgustingly-perfect features of our pallid, frozen-in-time protagonists, never allowing you to be completely at ease with them. Thank you, Stan Winston for making this film even scarier!!
  • WTH, Casting Agency?: Anne Rice took out full page newspaper ads criticizing the choice to cast Tom Cruise as Lestat (she had originally envisioned Rutger Hauer or Julian Sands in the part). Once she saw the movie, however, she did a complete 180).
    • A lot of fans were similarly baffled by that casting. After actually seeing the movie, most agreed that Cruise was, if not quite perfect for the role, at least not the train wreck they were expecting.
    • The casting of Antonio Banderas as Armand, who is said to have auburn hair and was supposed to have been 17 years old when he became a vampire.