Awesome / Interview with the Vampire


  • The entire final scene, or more specifically everything that happens afterwards.
    Lestat: I assume I need no introduction?
    • Lestat is a Crowning Moment of Awesome personified, really.
  • Santiago's upside-down dance and the cheeky humiliation of Louis that followed.
  • Claudia slitting Lestat's throat. Also special because of the utterly malevolent grin Claudia wears.
  • Lestat crashing through the window of Louis' flaming mansion to pull him out. Followed up by his spectacular Shut Up, Kirk!... or better say, "Shut up, Louis!"
    Lestat: Perfect! Perfect! Just burn the place, burn everything we own! Have us living in a field like cattle!
    Louis: You thought you could have it all.
    Lestat: Shut up, Louis!
  • Louis slaughtering the entire Paris coven on his own after they murdered Claudia with exposure to sunlight, including bisecting the elder and more powerful vampire, Santiago, with his own scythe, and burning down their theater.
    • Brad Pitt didn't enjoy working on the film, but his fury is truly palpable in this scene; especially the Death Glare he gives the troop before, when Armand has to pull him away.
  • Lestat's demonic piano-playing.