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YMMV: Incarnate
  • Eight Deadly Words: Let's face it. Nearly everybody in this comic (save for Ellie and Sybil) is, to put it bluntly, an asshole. This makes it impossible to sympathize with any of the cast.
  • Idiot Plot: The revenants have been shown to be significant threats in Chapter 3, which makes it utterly baffling why they had to run and hide in Chapter 1 when their superpowered forms could have easily torn everyone apart.
    • Also, Mot and Connor don't even try to explain to their fellow revenants that they're basically being forced against their will to protect a human. Speaking of which, why does the human girl in the story even need those two when she already has a personal army and Vincent, both of which have actually curb-stomped the two revenants and forced the others into hiding earlier in the story?
  • Serial Numbers Filed Off: There are more-than-obvious parallels with several famous anime and manga series, most notably with Bleach and Hellsing. Fortunately, it was more-than noticed.
  • Special Effects Failure: Connor punching a man through his torso should produce way more gore than what was seen in the comic, where only a few thin streams of blood can be seen on his entire arm.

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