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YMMV: Identity

For Identity, the Ranma Fan Fic

  • Squick: "Night of Magic's Coupling." While the Sorcerers are taking numbers and, er, doing their numbers, Ranma's hiding out in the shadows with nowhere to go and not many places to look away. It doesn't help that he's in his girl body, and he knows they're all in cursed bodies, too. The first thing he can think to do when he gets out is become a man, just so he doesn't have to think about it anymore.
  • The Woobie: Almost anyone can have a moment in this spot, but in particular, Shampoo in chapter three. She's been basically exiled to a foreign land. No one really thinks she has a chance at Ranma's heart, and when she stands up to the Amazon Elders, proudly proclaiming that Ranma could love her after all? They shoot her down hard and, to kick her while she's down, they string a red necklace around her neck, so no one in the tribe but her family can speak or listen to her. Ouch.

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