YMMV / Golden Palace

  • Audience-Alienating Premise: It was a Golden Girls spinoff without Bea Arthur to round out the titular foursome. Even with the remaining three giving it their all, it simply could not live up to its predecessor.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: Dorothy visits and decides to take Sophia home with her against Sophia's wishes. When she belittles Rose and Blanche's opinions, Rose eventually reads Dorothy the riot act and tells her that Sophia has the right to make her own decisions and that she must respect them. Dorothy asks what'll happen if she doesn't and Rose hits her on the head with a newspaper.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny:The two-parter in which Bea Arthur makes an appearance.
    • "Marriage on the Rocks, with a Twist" sees Sophia convincing two radio DJs (played by Harvey Korman and Tim Conway) to play a pretty nasty trick on Rose. The trick is that Rose must answer three farm-related questions before one of the DJs drowns in a glass container filled with water. Sophia thinks it goes off without a hitch...until the DJ that Rose presumed she killed comes back as a ghost and tries to scare the hell out of Rose. Sophia thinks it's hilarious until she hears the gunshots go off in the closet the DJ chased Rose into. When Sophia asks Rose what she did, Rose exclaims "I sent him back to HELL where he belongs! Why?"
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: Blanche's mentally handicapped brother Tad comes to visit and falls in love with Rose. Blanche is furious with Rose and admits to her that the reason she kept Tad a secret from the others is because she is ashamed of him. As Tad is leaving, Rose apologizes to Tad about how they can't be boyfriend and girlfriend, but asks if he would like to be her valentine and hands him a card. Rose explains that the card is ''very'' special and was given to her by someone who loved her very, very much. She goes on to say that you only give a valentine to someone who means everything to you and who you are very glad to have in your life. After thinking for a second, Tad asks Blanche if she'd be his valentine.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Don Cheadle starred on this show long before he was a household name as an actor. Jack Black and Bill Engvall also appeared on the show.
  • Tear Jerker: Undoubtedly when Dorothy leaves the hotel at the end of her guest episode...the ladies didn't seem to have time for a tearful goodbye this time. She's looking at Sophia, Rose, and Blanche while they're busying themselves working around the hotel, and it seems to hit her that they've moved on with their lives...and she realizes that she now must do the same.
    • It's pretty sad when Miles and Rose finally call it quits. Made even MORE upsetting by the fact that she watches the wedding between Miles and his new girlfriend (who has quite a bit in common with Rose, it would seem) as it takes place at the hotel.
    • Tad, the entire main plot about Blanche's relationship with her disabled older brother.
    • One Angry Stan is pretty heart-wrenching as Rose, Blanche and Sophia attempt to deal with Stan Zbornak's alleged death. Even more tear-jerking when it turns out despite everything Stan put her and Dorothy through, dating back to even before the original series, Sophia still loves him and is hit especially hard by Stan's alleged death. The final scene in which it turns out Stan was faking his death to avoid being arrested for unpaid taxes and is now fleeing the country is especially made of this trope as Sophia finally tells Stan she loves him and begs him to stay in Miami, warning him that if he left the country, he'd truly be dead to her in her heart. Stan responds by apologizing to her, kissing her on the forehead and saying he loves her back, then walks out of the hotel kitchen, leaving Sophia there alone and grieving.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: A Golden Girls follow-up that tries to be like The Golden Girls, but ends up being anything but.