Heartwarming / Golden Palace

  • The ending of Tad, which focused on the revelation that Blanche has a mentally disabled brother who visits the hotel. He develops a crush on Rose, but before she has a chance to let him down gently Blanche yells at him and causes him to have a panic attack. Rose then calls Blanche out on how cruel she's been, treating her brother like a dirty secret and not having the guts to tell her closest friends he even existed. The next day, before he leaves, Rose takes the opportunity to apologize to Tad for not feeling the same way he does, but rather than be his girlfriend, Rose offers to be his valentine. She gives him a Valentine's Day card which is implied to have come from her deceased husband Charlie, and she explains to Tad that it's meant for someone you care about very much. Tad then asks Blanche if she'll be his Valentine and offers her the card. It's at this point that Blanche realizes just how horribly she's abused Tad's trust in her and apologizes for being such a bad sister. She then offers to let Tad visit the hotel more often, where they'll do whatever he wants. He then asks Blanche if they could sit down and watch some of the cartoons he loves so much, and Blanche proudly does so.
    • The significance of this episode is that it continued a trend from the previous series, where certain special episodes focused on seemingly carefree and slightly callous Blanche having to come to terms with the fact that she was a bad daughter, sister, mother, and grandmother and that the ramifications of her actions have now come back to bite her. Blanche was really the only one who had a problem with Tad being at the hotel, and it was very sweet to see Tad bond with Rose, and that even if she didn't love him she did consider him a friend and was able to talk to him like a normal person without the need to patronize him.