Awesome / Golden Palace

  • In Tad, we learn that Blanche has an older brother who is mentally disabled. When he unexpectedly shows up at the hotel, he starts spending time with Rose and develops a crush on her. But as Rose is trying to let him down gently Blanche interrupts and tells Tad "she doesn't love you" and it causes Tad to have a fit because she's basically yelling at him. Rose tells Blanche off for how selfish she's being, for worrying more about the possibility of a guest seeing Tad's reaction. She calls Blanche out on how she's treated her brother like a dirty secret, visiting him once a month, never mentioning him to her friends, embarrassed at the idea of him finding someone to love or being seen by other people because of how it would make her look.
    Rose: Blanche, you're ashamed of him! And I'm ashamed of you!
  • Rose gets an epic The Dog Bites Back moment when Dorothy was visiting and freaking out over Sophia's disappearance. Rose tells her off and when Dorothy dares to ask "or what?" Rose hit her with a newspaper.
    • Even better, when Sophia finds out and gets confirmation that it indeed happened, she tells Rose "You shall lead us now."