YMMV / Forever Knight

  • Complete Monster:
    • Jack the Ripper himself, from season 2's "Bad Blood", was a surgeon-barber so evil his blood actually made the ancient vampire and Nick Knight's maker Lucien LaCroix sick. Upon becoming a vampire, Jack goes on a killing spree in Whitechapel before moving on from England. Jack spends the next centuries stalking the world, committing a string of horrific serial murders wherever he goes. Finally arriving in Toronto, Jack begins slaughtering innocent people again, ending his spree with the young police officer Bridget Hellman, whom he drains before finally being destroyed by Nick and the vampire hunter Liam O'Neal. Easily the most savage and violent vampire on the show, and evil even before becoming a vampire, Jack demonstrates the most savage extremes of the nature of vampires in contrast to the repentant Nick.
    • The masked Serial Killer known only as "Dragon", from season 2's "The Fire Inside", is a businessman during the day who despises the homeless as "parasites" who scrounge for the money that "hard-working" men like him earn, and views himself as as an "exterminator" in wiping them out. Introducing himself by luring a homeless man over with loose change, Dragon proceeds to burn him alive, revealing he has been murdering the innocent homeless of Toronto and has tracked a small community of them to the sewers below the city. When Nick and his partner Don Schanke go to save them, Dragon burns a woman doing her laundry to death before attempting to kill every homeless person he finds, children included. When he encounters Nick, Dragon takes a homeless man hostage and attempts to burn him alive, too, mocking Nick for caring about "trash" and claiming only he can solve the "problem." In a world of murdering vampires, Dragon stands as a stark reminder that humans can sometimes be worse than nearly any supernatural monster.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: "Spin Doctor" features an election with a male and female candidate, allegations of sexism and conflicts of interest, inappropriate affairs, and "battle of the sexes" overtones. Viewed during the 2016 US Presidential election campaign or after the election, it's hard not to see parallels.
  • Magnificent Bastard : Lacroix, of course.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: Subverted, in the 'list wars' held on the two oldest fan lists, http://www.forkni-l.listserve.edu, and its sister list http://www.fkfic-l.listserve.edu, which pit ships against each other in round robin style stories. The fans go to Toronto, find their way around it and interact with canon characters as each faction, as they are called, comes up with storylines moderated by the War Mistress. These contests are still occasionally held even now.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Many fans hated the third and final season, particularly the Kill 'em All ending, to the extent that there have been a number of Fix Fics written presenting alternate third or even fourth seasons.