Trivia / Forever Knight

  • The end of the last scene of "False Witness" was not scripted, it was a prank played by Geraint Wyn Davies according to Word of God. The giveaway is that Nick is 'vamped', but does not have golden eyes, as he does every other time his fangs are out.
  • Season 3 was going to shift attention off Nick's quest for humanity, but Wyn Davies threatened to quit if all the changes were put in place. Natalie was going to be written out as well as Janette, but only Janette was cut. The PTBS felt neither was young and sexy enoughnote  for their target demographic. John Kapelos left at that time because he wasn't interested in Schanke becoming a captain-it would have cut his screen time back too much.
  • Originally, the final episode was going to end with the closing lines of Romeo and Juliet spoken by LaCroix:
    A glooming peace this morning brings
    The sun, for sorrow, will not show his head.
    Go hither, to have more talk of these sad things.
    Some shall be pardoned and some punished
    For never was there tale of more woe
    Than that of Juliet and her Romeo.
    • This was cut because of fears it would hurt the show's chances in syndication.
  • Fandom Nod: Gave a nod to fandom by naming a couple of murder victims after some of the more noteworthy fanfic authors.
    • The writers made a habit of putting the names of online fans into stories, most prominently a dead hooker named after Julie Beamer whose name was repeated several times. At the end of the last season, a suicide victim was given the name of the president of the fan club.
  • Hide Your Pregnancy: Catherine Disher. She lost the first, and the second time the show ended before it became a huge thing.
  • Real-Life Relative:
    • The boy in "The Human Factor" was Geraint Wyn Davies's son, Galen.
    • Almost-relative: The vampire hunter in "Bad Blood" was Catherine Disher's boyfriend at the time. She was actually pregnant with his child during part of season 2, but lost the pregnancy. By the series' end, she was again pregnant, this time with her son.
  • Joan of Arc, who appeared in a few flashback episodes, was played by Christina Cox. She later went on to play a woman teamed up with a centuries-old vampire in Toronto, fighting crime, though in this case she was the detective.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Forever Knight Wiki.
  • You Look Familiar: Lisa Ryder, who plays Nick's partner Tracy Vedder in season 3, guest-stars in a season 2 episode as a girl in one of Nick's flashbacks.