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YMMV: Food Network
  • Adored by the Network: It's not hard to tell which show happens to be adored at that time given that it'll occupy an extremely large chunk of the network's schedule (chances are whatever show you happen to tune into on Food Network at that time will be this show).
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: Jim Belushi's appearance on Guy's Grocery Games made absolutely no sense even in that wacky show. He came to pick a letter for that game and then jumped into one contestant's cart and was not mentioned again. In comparison, when Guy had his mom on the show, she did some announcing during the game and helped the final chef in his Bonus Game.
  • Crack Pairing: Paula Deen and Robert Irvine flirting during the Iron Chef Holiday Battle.
    • Deen is a serial flirt, so any male chef (with the exception of her sons) can be substituted for Irvine and still be a viable Crack Pairing.
    • Speaking of Brain Bleach, someone has written Alton Brown/Rachel Ray fanfic. However, one gets the feeling that it's not necessarily meant to be taken seriously.
  • Creator's Pet: On Food Network Challenge, judge Kerry Vincent makes no secret of the fact she adores Bronwen Webber, and when judging often downplays Bronwen's errors or makes light of them. Bronwen in turn has the most wins on the program.
  • Fetish Retardant:
    • Sandra Lee tries to go for the "hot cougar" look, but just comes off as tasteless and frumpy. (You could say the exact same thing about Penny from The Next Food Network Star as well!)
    • Meanwhile, the Neelys' uncanny ability to turn anything into a sexual innuendo has a tendency to gross some viewers out.
  • Memetic Badass: Alton Brown.
    • On the spinoff Cooking Channel, Nadia G and Chuck Hughes are starting to gain this reputation.
  • Network Decay: The shows on FN as of the last few years have taken a decidedly "home cook friendly" approach, axing many of the more technical shows (or relegating them to awkward hours of day/night) and series that focused on international cuisines and even former staples slowly parting ways (Emeril, Mario Batali, and others). A number of long-time viewers are split on whether or not this was a good thing. The ones who dislike the change tend to be more vocal; ie Anthony Bourdain and practically anyone contributing to this article. Regardless, a return to what it used to be doesn't seem to be likely.
    • Perhaps starting to be averted with the premiere of "Heartland Table" in September 2013, which is very popular with Food Network viewers who wanted a return to from-scratch cooking with instruction on cooking techniques.
  • The Scrappy: Noah from Ask Aida, and Sandra Lee.
    • Also Rachael Ray to many.
      • Bobby Flay, also to many.
      • And many contestants on the The Next Food Network Star, particularly Season 7's Penny, who comes across as unapologetically bullying to the other contestants, brags about how hot she thinks she is, and openly sneers when she is on the winning team in a challenge.
      • The aforementioned Penny Davidi from The Next Food Network Star may be on the verge of becoming this to the network in general, as she recently appeared in a couple rounds of Chopped All-Stars (and was almost as much of an egotistical Jerkass there as she was on NFNS) and she may continue appearing in future Chopped and Iron Chef battles (she herself has vowed that she will return to Chopped and stated her intention that she—in her own words—"will eventually conquer Food Network"). If she does continue popping up, it would mean that the network now has a resident villain, which actually could make for some rather amusing television.....
      • And she did return, on the slightly-more-sociopathic version of Chopped known as Cutthroat Kitchen. She was just as arrogant and obnoxious as ever.
    • Guy Fieri also attracts much hate. It could be his over-the-top personality, it could be how he names his food, it could be simple food snobbery (given how often he extols simpler dishes on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives), or a couple other reasons. His scrappydom hit the mainstream with this scathing review in The New York Times in 2012.
  • Snark Bait: Many FN shows qualify, but this is arguably how Sandra Lee stays on the air. A number of YouTube videos are dedicated to recreating her more... memorable recipes, and Semi-Homemade's thread on Television Without Pity was so popular it got its own sub-forum.
  • X-Pac Heat: Penny Davidi definitely has it. There is a sizable chunk of Food Network's audience who just doesn't want to see her face on ANY show.

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