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YMMV: Felix the Cat
  • Broken Base: The reception of the post-silent era Felix cartoons are contested among the fanbase, particularly in regards to the TV-era Felix cartoons.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Winston Sharples's energetic and dramatic music scores are considered one of the best elements of the Van Beuren and TV Felix cartoons.
  • My Real Daddy: While the bulk of the franchise up to the TV shorts attributes Felix as a creation of cartoonist Pat Sullivan, almost everybody today recognizes Otto Messmer as the real person behind Felix's creation and success.
  • No Problem with Licensed Games: There exists a Felix video game for the NES and Game Boy, and both happen to be surprisingly enjoyable Mario clones, with fun gameplay and appealing graphics and music.
  • Signature Scene: Felix's "Thinking Walk", which is frequently used throughout his cartoons. It was even reused in the Van Beuren and Joe Oriolo TV cartoons!

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