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YMMV: Elebits
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The entire soundtrack, composed by Michiru Yamane and Naoyuki Sato (aka Nekomata Master).
  • Nightmare Fuel: The Black Elebits can be this. According to the in-game info, they're very friendly Elebits that aren't very popular with people due to the fact they have spikes on their backs. What it does not elaborate is that their main enemy if Kai's Capture Gun, and they will do all in their power to pester the lock-on to hit them and hit the gun while curling up into a sentient ball of spikes FLYING TO YOUR SCREEN VIEW. They're not friendly per se, but rather, really creepy and annoying. And don't let us get started on the Boss Black Elebits...
  • The Woobie: Kai is so being treated as The Unfavorite compared to the sheer amount of Elebits even though he has no siblings.

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