Funny / Elebits

  • Slamming the Land Elebit into the wall might be abusive, but you can't help laughing a little when he falls flat. Especially if you've had trouble with this boss.
  • When you manage to hit the Final Boss, he lets you know how angry he is by... meowing like a kitten and then screeching like That Poor Cat.
  • As long as you have the editing items, you can make all sorts of funny levels. Placing an EPSON printer or a wardrobe on the top of a cake or turn the Living Room into a hedge maze are just some of the few things you can do.
  • The opening cutscene is outright hilarious Mood Whiplash. After telling the story of the Elebits, the narrator explains that they brought more than just Fire and Light to the humans and wonders what it could be? Next scene? Elebits dance/run around in a white room, tapping their butt to the beat, falling on their faces and messing around the kitchen. The music just makes it even more hilarious!
  • When a small yellow Elebit is combined, rather than throwing things at you, it just... walks away and goes to sleep.