YMMV / Dinosaur Planet

  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The OST of Dinosaur Planet consists of the incredible music of Dean Grinsfelder. Just listen and think of 80 million years ago...
  • Follow the Leader: To Walking with Dinosaurs.
  • Most Annoying Sound: The sounds the Orodromeus were making. It sounds like glorified blowing on a Coke bottle. RRRRRRRGH!
    • The Oviraptor screeching. In-universe, too.
  • Narm: The Bullet Time shot in Little Das' Hunt, especially when his siblings are flipped into the air.
    • Alpha's main debilitating injury is this when you realize it's basically a stubbed toe.
  • Nightmare Fuel: All the Gorn and scary-looking dinosaurs.
    • The Oviraptor and the ending of Little Das' Hunt deserve a special mention.
    • The plesiosaur that ate Pod's sister. Scientifically accurate or not, that was freakin' scary.
    • The whole freaking volcanic eruption sequence towards the ending of Little Das' Hunt for some. Especially the part on the highlands.
    • From the baby Saltasaurus's perspective, running the gauntlet of Alvarezsaurus and Notosuchus.
  • Special Effect Failure: You can see pieces of excess rubber around the Pod puppet's eye.
    • The puppet's teeth also look fake.
    • Or how the Saltasaurus egg the Notosuchus picks up actually goes halfway into its face.
    • There are a few clipping and composition errors in the first two episodes, and some are more noticeable than others
  • Ugly Cute: Many characters, like the young Alpha and Dragonfly, or the raptors and troodontids.
    • The alvarezsaurs deserve special note, as does Little Das.