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Funny: Dinosaur Planet
  • Buck and Blaze, the juvenile Maiasaura acting like rebellious teens. In fact, the narrator says that their favorite game is called "Walk away from the herd and let everyone know".
  • Little Das' mother declares with a deafening roar that it's time to finally close in on Buck and end their hunt, and they march off to do so... and a dead Quetzacoatulus drops from the sky right in front of them, to the absolute bewilderment of the pack.
  • A young Dragonfly meets Alpha for the first time, and has her all to himself, and is ready to attack... only to be distracted by a dragonfly buzzing by him. Even the narrator lampshades this when he says "Dragonfly's attention span is pathetic."
  • During dinner, Dragonfly and his sister start growling at each other only for their father to roar at them to quit. They bow quickly as if to say "Sorry, Dad".
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