YMMV / Creedence Clearwater Revival

  • Award Snub: The band was never even nominated for a Grammy.note 
  • Covered Up: Their rendition of "Susie Q" is by far more widely known than the original by Dale Hawkins, and their version of "I Put a Spell on You" is usually played more often than the original Screamin' Jay Hawkins version.
    • In reverse, their song "Proud Mary" was Covered Up by Ike & Tina Turner.
    • Fogerty had a minor solo hit with "Rockin' All Over the World". Then Status Quo covered it...
  • Ear Worm: Most of their songs, though probably "Bad Moon Rising", "Proud Mary", and "Down on the Corner" most of all.
  • Epic Riff: "Susie Q", "Green River", "Born on the Bayou", "Bad Moon Rising", "Proud Mary", "Down on the Corner", "Up Around the Bend", "Fortunate Son", "Who'll Stop the Rain", "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?", "Run Through the Jungle".
  • Everyone Is Jesus in Purgatory: "Bad Moon Rising" is about the apocalypse.
  • Face of the Band: John Fogerty.
  • Memetic Mutation: A very early example of one is in "Bad Moon Rising". It was a popular thing for drunk people at concerts to get the lyrics wrong (sometimes by accident) by saying "There's a bathroom on the right". Some of the lesser informed concert goers would actually think those were the lyrics, helped by the fact that Fogerty will occasionally slip that line in when he plays it live.
  • Signature Song: "Fortunate Son" is their most well-known hit.
  • Sweet Dreams Fuel: The song "Lookin' Out My Back Door" is probably their best example of a feel good song. It's just so damn happy you can't help but smile when you listen to it.
    • Plenty of fans loved the trippy lyrics and wondered what Fogerty must have been on when he wrote them. It's really just a cute song he made for his kids.
    • Not to mention "Up Around the Bend". A song all about forgetting about your troubles and just having a good time. It never fails to put a smile on this troper's face.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: "Travelin' Band" was close enough to "Good Golly, Miss Molly" that Little Richard's publishers sued the band (and got an out-of-court settlement).
  • Vindicated by History: Thank you, Forrest Gump!