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YMMV: Choro Q
  • No Export for You: Most games, since it's based on a Japanese toy franchise. But Choro Q HG 3, which was supposed to be released in the US as "Road Trip Adventure Avenue" by Conspiracy entertainment, was canceled for reasons unknown.
  • That One Boss: The Phantom from Penny Racers Party: Turbo-Q Speedway, (Choro Q Wii). Not only is he bigger than everyone else, but he is also surprisingly fast for his size. Not only that, but he's also guaranteed to catch up with you if you don't have the right parts. Not only that, but the track you face him on, The Lab-o-rinth is also pretty difficult due to the track's complicated layout. Making this boss surprisingly Nintendo Hard.
    • Atlus gives us Kamikaze from Choro Q. Especially on Trans Trip SL. Once he gets ahead of you, there is absolutelty zero chance of you ever catching up.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Norkia is a man, but extremely feminine, and fonds of flowers. His body isn't a giveaway, either. Even the official website has a page about it.
    • May happen in HG2, depending on the viewer. Some males have brightly colored bodies.

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