YMMV / Carrusel

  • Fair for Its Day: None of the girls may have been shown playing sports, being into science, or any other traditionally male pursuits. Valeria is the only one who is not afraid of mice. But keep in mind this was Mexico in 1989-1990, a very conservative society. Just the fact that all the girls had talents and goals- and they were heavily encouraged to pursue them- makes it stand out. Also, all minority students are usually treated respectfully- and when someone is mean to them (or to anyone else), they are quickly and politely told it is wrong.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Really popular in Brazil. So much it even got a remake, which is currently airing in SBT, the same channel that broadcasted the original version.
  • Strawman Has a Point: Jorge tells on Bibi when she is trying to cheat on a test. Viewers are supposed to empathize with Bibi, since Jorge is such a despicable character otherwise. But Jorge has a point- it is wrong to cheat, and it would have been unfair to other kids who studied and took the test honestly.
    • Actually this was a Call-Back to a similar situation in the beginning, where Maria Joaquina did the same to Marcelina and tried to defend herself by saying that she was taught to never tell lies or support liars. Similarly, we were supposed to empathize with Marcelina rather than Maria Joaquina; OTOH, the other kids refused to talk to her (even Cirilo!), which caused Maria a huge Heroic B.S.O.D. and marked the beginning of her defrostment.
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic: Maria Joaquina. Sure sure, Cirilo's parents donating blood saved her mother's life... but all that means is that she needs to be polite and respectful to Cirilo- in no way is she expected to return his love. Maria Joaquina even had a fan club at this troper's school.
    • Conversely, actress Ludwika Paleta said in interviews that she was bullied by other children and got hate mail due to playing Maria Joaquina.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Cirilo. His unrequited love for Maria Joaquina borders on obsession- though he never stalks her. She is out of his league in every way. And yet he still refused to accept that she didn't like him in that way, making him the Dogged Nice Guy to end all Dogged Nice Guys. Had Cirilo being a few years older, he would've been seen as really creepy.
  • Values Dissonance: David sacrifices his pet turtle in order to make turtle soup for Fermin to recover from his illness. There is NO WAY this could have flown in the United States.
    • To a lesser extent, the Friend to All Living Things in this show (Mario) is male. In North America and Northern Europe, this type of character is usually female. And while most of the females have no issues in animals...all but one (Valeria) are murophobic.
  • The Woobie: Cirilo, Mario, and maybe Marcelina to a certain extent.