• Awesome Music: Pretty much the entirety of The Bones of What You Believe.
    • The last 2 minutes and 41 seconds of "Tether" are glorious.
    • So are the last 2 minutes or so of "Clearest Blue", for similar reasons.
    • "High Enough to Carry You Over". Martin Doherty as lead + a Sophisti-Pop style = pure coolness.
    • "You Caught The Light" is just beautiful.
    • "Science/Visions" is very tense, yet beautiful at the same time, sounding something akin to Labyrinth.
  • Ear Worm: "The Mother We Share", "Lies", "Gun", "Now is Not the Time", "Recover"... ah, heck, pretty much all their output.
    • A few reviews have noted that their pre-choruses are good enough to be choruses. That adds up to 20+ melodic passages on each album that repeat enough times to dig their way pretty deep into the old gray matter.
  • Even Better Sequel: Every Open Eye.
  • Face of the Band: Lauren, to the point where quite a few fans complain when Martin sings instead of her (which amounts to 3 official songs on both albums, mind you).
  • Friendly Fandoms: Those who embrace Wolf Alice's music often admit to being CHVRCHES fans too, and vice versa with CHVRCHES fans. It helps that the two bands promote each other on social media, and play at the same festivals.
  • Funny Moment: In the "Bury It" video, the gang and Hayley Williams fly past a bus stop. The waiting passengers are confused at first, but then a toaster drops in front of them and out pops a slice of toast, bewildering them.
    • Thanks to Haley Williams featuring on the remix of "Bury It" Music/Paramore fans seem taken a liking to CHVRCHES as well.
  • Moment of Awesome: Lauren Mayberry calling out 4chan for their misogynist comments about her, saying "Dear anyone who thinks misogyny isn't real. It is and this is what it looks like." Damn!
    • Not from Meyberry herself, but this article from Gigwise also certainly counts, as it utterly dismantles the arguments that the "Leave a Trace" video features Three Minutes of Writhing...even though the "sexual" content is practically nonexistent and the "writhing" in question is far tamer than many similar videos these days.
    • Her appearance on Channel 4 News that effectively put the fiasco to bed. Her calm and collected performance during the interview is really what sells it.
  • Mondegreen: (Oh, oh, oh) I'M THE NICE GUY! (Oh, oh, oh) I'M THE GLITTER IN YOUR EYE!
    • From Bury It:
      Cover up / cover up / cover up that you're a slut (actual lyric: "that you're ruthless")
    Cover up / cover up / cover up that you're a glass
    • From Broken Bones:
      You're on your own / Rachel Jones (actual lyric: "wait til dawn")
    • And in one of the remixes of Lies:
      You stuck in the knife that / you held at my butt (actual lyric: "at my back")
  • Most Wonderful Sound: Lauren's voice is very angelic. Sadly, this can lead to fans going too far with their comments.
  • Signature Song: "The Mother We Share".
  • Sweet Dreams Fuel: "Afterglow" and "Tether". At least, the first part of the latter. And "You Caught The Light" too.
  • Tear Jerker: "Now is Not the Time".
    • "Under the Tide" also counts, in a way. The song isn't that depressing, and the lyrics seem to be—at first glance—about fixing a failed relationship. The band later revealed it was written for a recently-deceased friend who had a terminal illness, which puts the song in a more depressing light.
      • "Down Side Of Me" is a hauntingly beautiful song which can be classed a tearjerker. It's about a relationship that's falling apart and trying to put everything into keeping it steady and trying to stay strong and cool on top of all the pressure even if your love together is dewindling. "Not the same, not the same, You're not the same, not the same".
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: The effects in their videos (such as "Lies" and "The Mother We Share") are simply just phenomenal.
  • The Woobie: Lauren Mayberry. With all the misogynist comments she's received on the band's Facebook and 4chan, it's not hard to feel bad for the poor girl.
    • Iron Woobie: At one point, she wrote an editorial on The Guardian about the issue, the tone of which is firm and determined. She's made of pretty stern stuff, as this quote demonstrates:
    Lauren: During this past tour, I am embarrassed to admit that I have had more than one prolonged toilet cry and a "Come on, get a hold of yourself, you got this" conversation with myself in a bathroom mirror when particularly exasperated and tired out. But then, after all the sniffling had ceased, I asked myself: why should I cry about this? Why should I feel violated, uncomfortable and demeaned? Why should we all keep quiet?