YMMV / Bunnicula

Tropes specific to the books.

  • Mary Sue: Howie in Tales. Delilah is sometimes, depending on how well Howie is getting along with her at the moment.

Tropes specific to the 2016 animated series.

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Is Bunnicula truly as innocent and childlike as he appears? While some of the supernatural goings on are caused by accident and Bunnicula is usually the one to set things right in an episode, some episodes heavily imply that Bunnicula enjoys unleashing supernatural mayhem on the household just to mess with everyone, especially Chester.
  • Base Breaker: All three main characters have had mixed reception so far:
    • Bunnicula himself. Some find his mischievous antics endearing and adorable, others feel that he comes off as a malicious Troll and his actions border on Designated Hero territory. The episode "Garlicked" is one particularly bad example. Also, there's the idea of making him an actual vampire; either you think it adds to the supernatural aspect of the show or that it's disrespectful to the books.
    • Harold. Some love his laid-back, Nice Guy, lovable oaf demeanor, while fans of the book hate that he's been reduced to a bumbling side-kick to Chester when in the books, he's more intelligent and the voice of reason.
    • Chester. While many love that his snarky attitude and his role as the Only Sane Man, some feel that his Butt Monkey treatment goes a bit too far at times.
  • Broken Base: The show in general for fans of the book. Some fans genuinely love the series and consider it a funny adaptation in its own right, while others hate how little respect it has for the source material, feeling it takes way too many liberties with the characters and story, such as making Bunnicula an actual vampire when in the book, it was left largely to the reader's imagination.
  • Critical Research Failure: Averted in the episode "Walking Fish". When Bunnicula gives Harold the magic harmonica and asks him to play, Harold initially thinks it's a chocolate bar and rightfully points out that giving dogs chocolate is bad for their health.
  • Idiot Plot: The entire plot of "Garlicked" could've been avoided altogether had Bunnicula informed Chester that he could regenerate his fur after eating Garlic rather than mess with him (to be fair, Chester decided to screw with him first).
  • They Just Didn't Care: The most common complaint from critics is that the show has no respect for the source material and takes far too many liberties with the characters.