Heartwarming: Bunnicula

  • "For god's sake, Harold, use your brain, such as it is. Can't you see that he's scared?" - said by Chester while he comforts a frightened Bunnicula in Bunnicula Strikes Again!
    • Made all the more heartwarming by the fact that Chester was at one point absolutely convinced that he had to kill Bunnicula in order to protect the rest of the world. Although Bunnicula is more or less confirmed as a vampire at this point, he's also proven effectively harmless, so Chester seems to have finally picked up on that and is doing what he can to make amends. After nearly 6 books of him being convinced of Bunnicula having nefarious intentions, this is almost catharsis for both fans and Bunnicula, who has lived with Chester for most of his life.

  • Chester is shown to be extremely upset when it seems like the Monroes might give Bunnicula away to M.T. Graves, and even calls him "our bunny" in Bunnicula Meets Edgar Allen Crow.