Funny / Bunnicula


  • While explaining to Harold why he thinks Bunnicula is a vampire, Chester notices the bunny leaving the kitchen. After much dramatic pausing, he finds...A white zucchini!

Howliday Inn

  • When they first meet Max the bulldog, Harold notes that the dog's sweater makes him look like a quarterback. Chester's response is that if Max says anything athletic, he'll scream. Sure enough, when Max asks the two if they want to go for a jog, Chester lets out a blood-curdling scream and runs.

The Celery Stalks at Midnight

  • The pets see something white on a fence and Chester, thinking it's Bunnicula, tells Harold to pick it up so they can carry it home. It turns out to be an aggressive cat called Snowball. When Harold makes a comment about Snowball possibly taking revenge later, Chester is dismissive and asks what kind of example he's setting for Howie. Harold has decided to set an example for Howie by sitting on Chester when he gets distracted by the next part of the plot.