YMMV: Bleach: The 3rd Phantom

  • That One Level:
    • Chapter Nine. And the bad news?
      • Wake-Up Call Boss: Chapter 9 focuses on Ulquiorra and Yammy first showing up. Ulquiorra gets into the fight. And that's just the beginning. Yammy and he are seven levels above you. Oh, and if anyone dies, have fun restarting the fight.
      • Add the fact that you have to protect Tatsuki as well ? It's one of the hardest fights in the game, beaten only by one of the many other times Ulquiorra shows up
    • The 30th Floor of Bleach Tower. There are extremely powerful versions of Arturo, Seigen, Kenpachi, Soi Fon, Ichigo, Yoruichi, D-Roy, Ulquiorra, Yamamoto, Gin, and Grimmjow, and toward where your characters start, there's a Sky Rift that spews Hollows! Thankfully, to win, you only have to defeat Grimmjow, but he's Level 90, has insane stats, and can Release. Expect most of your characters to die.
    • The Final Boss deserves mention as well. The boss has numerous tentacles which each have 2000+ HP and are All-element. On top of that, the boss has a Wave Motion Gun that goes across the entire map and can Shock, and just being in the boss's vicinity also causes Shock. Which is highly annoying because being able to use Skills makes the fight go much quicker, and also makes healing easier due to the arbitrary 10-item limit on inventory. And once you actually get to fighting the boss? He hits like a truck and has massive HP. If you have Co-op attacks, it makes things slightly easier, but it still takes a long time to whittle him down.
  • Expy: Fujimaru is basically a cross between Kyouraku, Urahara, and Ichigo (especially if you chose him as your player character).
  • Game Breaker: While all Bankais can be abused this way, special mention must go to Byakuya's Bankai S. Kageyoshi combo when leveled up correctly, it is a skill automatically given to Byakuya, so all you need to do is level his bankai and second skill routes, and you suddenly have a hollow killing machine.