YMMV: Birds of a Feather

YMMV tropes for the fanfic:

  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: Ken's encounter with the scientist responsible for making him a Coordinator, Doctor Heinrich Metzinger. Metzinger turned up once, long enough to be sliced in half, and was scarcely mentioned again. In actual fact, this was part of a poorly-handled attempt by the author at a Metal Gear Solid Shout-Out, most of which was ultimately mostly abandoned. The author has vague plans of turning the botched plot into the basis for a further installment of the Falconverse, but for the moment, this sequence remains orphaned and seemingly inexplicable.
  • Common Knowledge: Thanks to the author naming the Neutron Stampede platform as the Marie Curienote , almost everyone now believes that to be the name of the ship, despite being officially unnamed.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: This fic spawned a trend of fanfics with a ZAFT-centric POV, as well as a greater awareness of SEED-MSV character Shiho Hahnenfuss.
    • Also, OC Karen Willet seems to have reached this status.
  • Gary Stu: As the main page suggests, Ken himself edges into this, particularly later in the story (though it should be noted this does not include tropes already existing in canon). Though he has a few of the hallmark Marty Stu traits, he also has a host of flaws that make up for them and make him an interesting character in spite of his tendency to hog the spotlight a bit. See the entries for Nice Job Breaking It, Hero, What the Hell, Hero?, and Omniscient Morality License for a few examples.