YMMV / Big Order

  • Broken Base: Depending on who you ask, anywhere starting between chapter 31-33 and onward, either the series introduced a great plot twist and took the story in an interesting new direction or completely ruined the story with a nonsensical plot twist and the story is now an incomprehensible mess. It doesn't help matters that the scanlation group dropped the translation for the latter reason.
  • Never Trust a Title: "Big Order" mislead people to think it's about food service.
    • Ironically this actually happens in the final episode of the anime, were the word "Order" is used to describe a meal rather than a power.
  • So Bad, It's Good: The anime adaptation has a reputation for this, due to all the cuts, deviations and extremely bizarre additions that have made the story a lot less coherent and logical. People have hailed it as one of the best nonsensical comedies of the Spring 2016 Anime season.
  • Too Soon: The anime adaptation began airing on April 16, 2016, the absolute worst possible time. The first episode of the show concerns massive destruction occurring in the city of Kumamoto; this was only 2 days after a magnitude 6.4 earthquake hit Kumamoto and powerful aftershocks continued to rock the region throughout the week.