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YMMV / Banshee

  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Nola Longshadow, the itinerant Native American assassin and smarter Longshadow sibling, and Clay Burton, Kai Proctor's bodyguard, are incredibly popular for the supporting roles they play.
  • Narm: Chaytonís death was an entirely serious scene that became hilarious after he takes a shotgun blast in the face. The CGI of his half-blown head is so ridiculously bad one canít help but laugh.
  • Narm Charm: The show basically makes it its life mission to be so over the top insane that everything curls back in on itself and becomes compelling again. This has won it both a fairly sizable pocket of critical support and the best audience figures for any of Cinemax's original series to date.
  • Squick:
    • Kat Moody and Lucas Hood hooking up is a little squicky given that he recently killed her husband.
    • The Albino taking his pants off for Lucas to give him oral sex. Then Lucas cuts off his penis. The cherry on top is we see the dismembered penis on the floor for a brief second.
    • Depending on how you feel about incest, the relationship between Kai and Rebecca Proctor may veer into this territory for you, particularly in season two.
      • Season three brings it definitely into this territory. At the very least they sleep naked in the same bed.
    • Proctor dumping cow guts and blood into Alex's jacuzzi. While he's in it.