Funny / Banshee

  • Most of Job's dialogue can count as this. Although his encounter with a herd of cows is a stand out:
    "Fuck you. Fuck each and every one of you."
  • Season 2.9, an injured Job lampshades the sheer amount of head trauma Hood has experienced over the course of the series.
    "Itís just a concussion, man. You get them every day. The inside of your head must look like a Jackson Pollock."
  • Deva and some of her friends decide to break into a store at night and are quickly caught by Lucas. He sends her friends home and then he expertly points out all their mistakes like not noticing the security system or not realizing that all the money would be in the safe and the few dollars in the cash register were just Schmuck Bait that triggered another alarm when removed. Lucas figures that a standard "stealing is wrong" speech is not gonna work on a rebellious teenager so instead he appeals to her pride by pointing out that she is just being a stupid criminal.