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Heartwarming: Banshee
  • Behold a pale rider has four beautiful examples:
    • Kai speaking with his brother for the first time in years due to his exile. The look on his face is an incredible mixture of shock, gratefulness, joy, shame, and innocence. This scene humanises him better than any pet the dog moment ever could.
      • His brother admitting that he still prays for him is equally heart-warming.
    • Deva understanding Hood's subtle signal to move while she's being held at gunpoint by an unastable homicidal idiot is impressive for a 15 year old small town girl. But the moment Hood puts him down she regresses into a child, and runs crying into his arms. The way she instinctively ran to Hood, and his fierce protective embrace, was just beautiful.
    • Anna and Hood reuniting in his room after she betrayed him. She surrenders herself to him, even helping him hold the gun to her own head, but their undying love is stronger than their fear of Rabbit. For the first time in 15 years they finally get to be with each other, and have the most passionate and emotional sex of their lives.
    • Kai visiting Hood at Sugar's bar. It's a casual scene between villain and (anti)hero wherein they show their mutual respect of one another and Kai genuinely thanks Hood for saving those children. Firstly it shows that Kai really does care about the welfare of Banshee and its people, but secondly, it shows the two men bonding.
      • Also points for Sugar and Kai having some secret bromantic backstory that Hood (who has Job) doesn't even know the details of.
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