Heartwarming / Banshee

  • Behold a pale rider has four beautiful examples:
    • Kai speaking with his brother in law and friend for the first time in years due to his exile. The look on his face is an incredible mixture of shock, gratefulness, joy, shame, and innocence. This scene humanises him better than any pet the dog moment ever could.
      • Him admitting that he still prays for Kai is equally heart-warming.
    • Deva understanding Hood's subtle signal to move while she's being held at gunpoint by an unastable homicidal idiot is impressive for a 15 year old small town girl. But the moment Hood puts him down she regresses into a child, and runs crying into his arms. The way she instinctively ran to Hood, and his fierce protective embrace, was just beautiful.
    • Anna and Hood reuniting in his room after she betrayed him. She surrenders herself to him, even helping him hold the gun to her own head, but their undying love is stronger than their fear of Rabbit. For the first time in 15 years they finally get to be with each other, and have the most passionate and emotional sex of their lives.
    • Kai visiting Hood at Sugar's bar. It's a casual scene between villain and (anti)hero wherein they show their mutual respect of one another and Kai genuinely thanks Hood for saving those children. Firstly it shows that Kai really does care about the welfare of Banshee and its people, but secondly, it shows the two men bonding.
      • Also points for Sugar and Kai having some secret bromantic backstory that Hood (who has Job) doesn't even know the details of.
  • Most interactions between Deva and Hood are this with a good dash of heartbreak
  • Kai's mother visiting him in prison
  • When Hood brings Deva home in 3x01, Gordon is suddenly a lot nicer to him that he was in previous seasons. While he's still asking Hood to stay away, he clearly has a of empathy for Hoods position as Deva's biological father. Its a great display of respect from a man who previously had a lot of animosity towards him.
    • Essentially, it fills in the gaps for Gordon: prior to 3x01, Gordon saw a shitkicker pop up out of nowhere, start hanging disturbingly close to his family, and make a whole lot of trouble for everyone. Finding out that, instead of Hood being Anna's secret lover or something like that, he's the thought-dead biological father of his daughter snaps him back down to reality right quick.
  • Hood getting free of the handcuffs when he realises that Deva is in danger by RIPPING OF THE SIDE OF THE BED POST. Doubles as a CMOA
  • Despite how angry he is at him, and how much he doesn't want him to do it, Job knows without a shadow of a doubt that Hood with come and rescue him, Carrie, and Sugar. After all, their his only friends in the world.
  • The revelation that Job hacked the NSA to erase whoever Hood was.
  • The fact that Carrie never stopped searching for Job even after two years of him being missing.
  • Hood's speeches to Deva in "The Rave" and to Siobhan in "The Kindred". For a guy whose SOP appears to be "hit, get hit, hit back harder" he is really good at saying just what people need to hear to keep them from coming apart.
  • Rabbit's attempt to play grandpa to Max in Season 2 is actually kind of endearing - in an admittedly creepy fashion, what with him having kidnapped the kid and all, but still.