Awesome / Banshee

  • Lucas Hood is a living, breathing CMOA. Anna certainly counts as well. Hell most of the main characters count. They all have their fair share of awesome in almost every single episode.
  • In the season one finale, you have to give due respect to Lotus dealing with the guy with the RPG. He could not possibly have intended that result, but goddamn if it wasn't awesome.
  • From season 3, episode 3, "A Fixer of Sorts," we have Clay Burton vs. Nola Longshadow, which seems almost on track to become a Signature Scene: it's been easily the most widely youtubed clip from the show so far.
  • Job beating the shit out of a bunch of homophobic idiots in a highway dinner was pretty damn impressive
  • Hood getting free of the handcuffs when he realises that Deva is in danger by RIPPING OFF THE SIDE OF THE BED POST.
  • Hood, or rather John Smith, outsmarting the cop in Banshee Origins: Interrogation
  • Any time Hood flouts regulation or issues a threat.