YMMV / Armed Prophet

  • Game-Breaker: Of all four weapons, the Alienator is the one with the highest potential for this. A single charge can easily destroy a good two waves of enemies, or at least destroy one wave and cripple the next. The Crowbar will only ever destroy one wave, and you'll be lucky to get even THAT much mileage out of the other two weapons.
  • Goddamned Bats: Any and all of the enemies. Especially any shooters. And those huge swarms of zombies that try to encircle you. And those small robots that impale you with the spike on their head who are dang impossible to catch. And those fire-breathing robots. Yeah, let's just say all of them.
  • That One Attack
    • Zomboss' grab deals immense damage and is hard to avoid. Thankfully, it has short range, so you can tickle him from a distance with your weapon and never get grabbed.
    • Zomg's whirlwind attack covers a massive area and if you get caught in it, it can hit twice. Thankfully it has a ridiculously long startup time during which you can (hopefully) run out of range, and a recovery period after it during which you can unleash hell on him.
    • Smileborg has his blades that don't knock you down when they hit, allowing him to deal immense damage if you get caught in the attack. Be ever watchful and prepared to move away. The same Smileborg can summon Action Bombs, which is more of an annoyance than a threat because he's invulnerable while they're alive.
  • That One Boss: All three have potential for this (especially in Real Man mode).