Video Game / Armed Prophet
"In a bar in the very near future", a man among men is drinking some beer when suddenly, the TV displays news that the world is being attacked by aliens, zombies and robots at the same time! With the Earth in desperate need of a savior, our hero remembers his tattoo depicting a robot-alien-zombie thing and, probably under heavy influence of beer, takes it for a prophecy of the fact that he is the one fated to stop these threats. So he grabs the nearest crowbar and goes forth to kick some zombie, alien and machine ass. Can he stop the zombie invasion at the aptly named Dead Gulch, repel the aliens infesting Area 51 and destroy the killer robots ruling past and future with an iron fist, all at once?

Armed Prophet is a Beat 'em Up brawler Flash game, programmed by Seething Swarm, with art by Kostas Skiftas (Valerofond) and music by Harry Partridge. The game can be found here. As you can probably already tell by the description, it contains quite a fair bit of humor. If you like brawlers, the game is warmly recommended.

The game contains examples of: