Wrestling: Haystacks Calhoun

William Dee Calhoun (1934-1989) was an American Professional Wrestler as Haystacks Calhoun. He started in 1955 as Country Boy Calhoun, working various territories. He got the "Haystacks" name after an appearance on Art Linkletter's House Party where he demonstrated his strength by tossing bales of hay into a high loft. He competed for many National Wrestling Alliance territories, for New Japan Pro Wrestling, and for WWE, then the WWWF. He was a 1x WWE World Tag Team Champion with Tony Garea, a 1x NWA Tri-State (Mid-South) United States Tag Team Champion with Jack Brisco, and a 2x NWA Canadian (Vancouver) Tag Team Champion with Don Leo Jonathan. He was an early television star and a significant box office draw.

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