What Measure Is A Non Human: Web Original

  • In Spoilsbury Toast Boy, the doctor beetle explains to Liache that "mucus is a living thing" and "it has a certain degree of intelligence." The beetles later drown Liache when her mucus tells them she doesn't deserve to breathe.
  • In the Global Guardians PBEM Universe, while intelligent apes have been given full civil rights, robots, androids, and other artificial intelligences are still not considered people in the legal sense even though they cannot be harmed with impunity (property laws come into consideration). Demons, the undead, and most other forms of monster are free targets, however.
  • Averted for dark laughs in the last segment of the first asdfmovie. The guy is horrified when he unwittingly stabs a sapient living cake (who has a wife and children), causing the cake to be Driven to Suicide.
  • Disturbingly deconstructed here
  • Rosahas cyborgs that really blurs the line between human and nonhuman by makeing the red eyed cyborgs seem inhuman and like cold hearted machines, where the Rosa is shown in a sympathetic light
  • Tales Of MU makes this a plot point, especially when Mackenzie is trapped in the Labyrinth and runs across the adventuring party, including a priestess of the goddess of peace and is shot in the shoulder. The resulting argument among the party isn't whether they should save the story's half-demon protagonist, but whether they should kill her now, or let her bleed to death after they abandon her.
  • Kara deals with this.
  • Deconstructed in this Video Game Confessions which reimagines Samus as a violent torturer and serial killer. She asks "Why is it that when you kill an alien from another world, you're considered a hero?"
  • Played for laughs in a The Runaway Guys playthrough of Mario Party during the mini game Shy Guy Says when ProtonJon is horrified when the Shy Guy leaves Wario to drown in the ocean, but ignores Yoshi when the same thing happens to him right afterwards.
    Chuggaa: And you say I'm racist?
    Jon: Ra... How is that racist? It's a dinosaur!
    Chuggaa: Dinosaurs are people too.
    Jon: No, they're not! They're dinosaurs, that's why we call them dinosaurs!
  • When Straizo uses the Ripple on Dio's elite zombies during a scene in Vaguely Recalling JoJo, he spares Page because Page had an almost human-like appearance. Also, Page looked like Pesci, who will make an appearance in Vento Aureo.
  • RWBY touches upon this subject with the robot Penny. When Team RWBY first meet her, the girls are a little creeped out by how she acts, but Ruby seems to grow on her. When Penny finally admits to Ruby that she's a robot, Ruby's shown not to really care and sees her as just another friend. The Kingdom of Atlas, however, treat her as a human and not a robot because she's supposed to be a military secret. When Penny is accidentally murdered by a hallucinating Pyrrha, everyone reacts with horror due to the brutality of it all, but Cinder, the one who orchestrated the incident, just considers her one of Atlas' hidden secrets to toss out and frighten the populace. When Pyrrha begs Ruby for forgiveness for killing Penny, not only does Ruby forgive her, Jaune reassures her by making sure no one else is taken the same way she was, meaning that they didn't see her any different before or after the reveal.