Wham Episode: Gunnerkrigg Court

Gunnerkrigg Court could also be called "Wham Webcomic":

  • Chapter 6 — "A Handful of Dirt": Antimony's Emotionless Girl facade cracks, and she reveals that her father has disappeared. Mood Whiplash, indeed.
  • Chapter 7 — "Of New and Old": Several teachers reveal that they knew Annie's parents. Annie reveals to them that she has Reynardine, then refuses to return him to their custody. Robot 13 returns, then attacks Rey and Annie. The chapter ends with Annie falling off a bridge, to her apparent death. (What was particularly cruel was that the first volume of the original print edition ended at this chapter.)
  • Chapter 8 — "Broken Glass and Other Things": Annie discovers the riverbank is home to Regional Fairies on the Forest side and a malevolent, sword-wielding ghost on the Court side. And that the strange birds she's seen about the Court are actually robots. Annie herself turns out to be on a first-name basis with a Native American death god. She and Kat discover that the Court is far larger than they previously thought.
  • Chapter 12 — "Mainly Involves Robots": Annie finds an entire society of Robots within the Court. Reynardine shows off his wof form for the first time; more surprisingly, he's helpful for once. He informs Annie that relations between the Court and the Wood are uneasy, to put it mildly, and Annie's actions back in Chapter One may have sparked a diplomatic crisis. And he accidentally lets it slip that he has a cousin.
  • Chapter 14 — "The Fangs of Summertime": It's the end of the school year. Kat's parents invite Annie to come with them on their vacation, but she refuses. Then, the people of Gilittie Wood requests a visit to the Court. Just about everything else is a spoiler.
  • Chapter 21 — "Blinking": Annie had to lead her own mother to the afterlife. Jesus, that explains a lot...
  • Chapter 25 — "Sky Watcher and the Angel": Diego left Jeanne to die in the Annan Waters. Not the most hilarious home movie we've ever seen.
  • Chapter 30 — "The Coward Heart": Annie tries to communicate with Jeanne's ghost, and we learn... more of the circumstances surrounding her death.
  • Chapter 31 — "Fire Spike": Everything starts with a heated discussion between Annie and Reynardine, where we learn more of the backstory of the comic, such as details about Surma and Reynard's relationship, Annie and Surma's past, and then she, slightly loses her temper...
  • Chapter 36 — "Red Gets a Name": the last page of the chapter has Annie's father contact her for the first time in nearly 2 years.
  • Chapter 39 — "The Great Secret": Ysengrin, who has formed a strong enough friendship with Annie that she stands up to Coyote on his behalf, turns savage and apparently tries to kill her because he thought she might think he is beneath humans...and Coyote is actively taking Ysegrin's memories. "I fear his mind is gone" indeed.
  • Chapter 40 — "The Stone": the entirety of Chapter 40 is a page-by-page Serial Escalation rollercoaster of Wham, as we find out what Jones has seen.
  • Chapter 41: — "Changes": Andrew is the new medium. Not Annie. Appears to be an in-universe Wham Moment, too.
    • And Coyote's response to this is to gleefully accept Andrew and Parley. He then states that he's decided to choose a new Medium as well - and picks Annie, offering her full citizenship to the forest.
  • Chapter 47 became an entire Wham Arc: from Jones inadvertently causing Mort's death to the revelation that Mort's haunting "job" was basically busy work to keep him occupied to the finale of Antimony ushering him into the ether, causing him to forget Annie and probably Kat, the whole thing was one jab to the nose after another.