Western Animation / Una película de huevos

Una película de huevos (A Movie about Eggs in English) is an animated Mexican film created by the Huevocartoon company. Directed by Rodolfo and Gabriel Riva Palacio and produced by Carlos Zepeda and Elisa Salinas, it is the first animated feature film by said company and stars the voices of many Mexican celebrities such as Bruno Bichir, Angelica Vale and Carlos Espejel to name a few. It was released on April 21, 2006.

It tells the story of a young chicken egg named Toto (Bichir), who, after being laid by his loving mother hen, is promptly taken away from her for human consumption. Separated from his mother, he meets more fellow eggs and befriends a soldier egg named Willy (Espejel) and a non-talking bacon just named Bacon. He and his new friends must now make a dangerous and long journey across Mexico City in order to reach las "Granjas El Pollon" (The Big Chicken Farms) where Toto will meet with his mother and successfully hatch into a young, strong chick. Along the way they meet new allies and try to escape the villainous clutches of the reptile eggs, led by Big Bad Coco, a crocodile egg.

The movie was quite popular and enjoyed pretty good reception from audiences and critics alike. It was followed by a sequel in 2009, named Otra Película de Huevos y un Pollo. The sequel is noticeably Darker and Edgier than its predecessor and features more instances of Getting Crap Past the Radar and Parental Bonus. Most of the cast members reprised their roles in the second installment. After hatching into a chicken, Toto is not very comfortable with his new life and wishes he was just an egg again, much to his mom's dismay. At the same time, an evil Warlock egg from a ghost town in the desert who feels empty and wishes to have a heart, reads a spell book wich claims that the only way to gain feelings is stealing a chicken's heart and eating it. He sends his vulture egg henchmen to the city, where they find and kidnap Toto, prompting his friends to go and rescue him in yet another adventure whith the help of the now-redeemed Coco and his reptile egg army.

The second film was just as successful as the first one and especially pleased long-time Huevocartoon fans. Because of the success of both films, a threequel is currently in production and will be released sometime in 2014. A teaser trailer of it has already been shown. Unlike the previous installments which used traditional animation, the threequel will be animated with CGI, making it an All-CGI Cartoon.

Tropes found in the movies are:

  • All-CGI Cartoon: The threequel will be animated this way.
  • Abusive Parents: Coco's father is rather mean and cruel towards him. However, shortly after Coco and his reptile egg army depart to find Toto and his friends and destroy them, he reveals he actually loves his son in his own twisted, dark way.
  • Absurdly Spacious Sewer: Toto, Willy and Tocino encounter one in the first movie. Justified because we're seeing the world from their perspective.
  • A Dog Named "Dog": Tocino (Bacon in Spanish) is just a strip of bacon. There are also Tlacua and Cuache, a pair of opposums. (Tlacuache is Mexican Spanish for "opposum".)
  • Always Chaotic Evil: Most eggs perceive humans as this. The reptile eggs at first appear as this, but it turns out they're capable of redemption and getting along with bird eggs. The scorpion eggs in the sequel play this straight at first too, but in the end decide not to kill Toto and instead fight on his side after he saved them from almost dying frozen solid in a highly cold desert night.
  • Amplified Animal Aptitude: Most of the animals behave and are much smarter than their real-life counterparts,but this is justified, given the fact that these are animated films.
  • Animal Talk: Eggs can only talk and view themselves as anthropomorphized by their fellow eggs. We humans see them merely as eggs. The animals can also only talk among themselves and we hear them just uttering their natural sounds, as in many other animated movies involving this trope. This is more evident in the sequel, where Toto (as a chicken) yells loudly at the sorcerer human to take him away from the sorcerer egg, but all the human hears is just pure chirping. The animals also perceive eggs as sentient too. This makes sense, since eggs are laid by oviparous animals.
  • Bad Boss: The Warlock Egg from the sequel is this to his henchmen, even attacking them with spells when he's mad at them.
  • Big Bad: Coco in the first film, Warlock Egg in the second.
  • Cats Are Mean: In the first film, Toto, Willy and Tocino have to escape from a rather dangerous cat with a taste for eggs.
  • Clucking Funny: There are chickens, chicks and their eggs in the movies. What did you expect?
  • Darker and Edgier: While the first movie has some creepy moments, the sequel has more serious moments than the first movie, it has more violent moments, and the villain, while having a campy way to talk, is more threatening than the villains of the first movie. He wants to kill Toto just for a spell!