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Western Animation: The Super 6
From left to right: Super Scuba, Granite Man, Elevator Man, Magneto Man, Captain Zammo and Super Bwoing.

The Super 6 was an animated comedy by Depatie Freleng Enterprises.The title characters are super heroes who work at Super Service , Inc.

The lineup includes:

Super Bwoing - A rather scrawny sort with laser vision who rides his guitar into action. He tends to be a bungler.

Super Scuba - Not unlike Aquaman or Sub-Mariner, he deals with underwater cases, aided by Bubbles the Mermaid.

Elevator Man - He wears a belt which enables him to grow or shrink when necessary.

Magneto Man - His gloves give him magnetic powers. His sidekick is Cal, a boy with a brilliant computer-like brain.

Granite Man - A stone statue that comes to life to fight evil. His sidekick is a pigeon named Percival.

Captain Zammo - He travels to past eras. Often he has his assistant, Private Hammo, do the dirty work for him.

Also part of the show is an unrelated short called The Brothers Matzoriley who are basically three heads in one body. Weft (the left head) is a Moe Howardesque tough guy, Wight (the right head) is a wimpy coward. Wong (the middle head) is a chinese stereotype.

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