Western Animation: Super Mario Bros.

There were three cartoons based on the Super Mario Bros. franchise.

First was The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, a 1989 animated/live action DiC Entertainment production was an Animated Adaptation of Nintendo's flagship games, featuring the adventures of those plucky plumbers from Brooklyn. The show ran four days a week in syndication, with Fridays reserved for a cartoon based on The Legend of Zelda.

Saturday morning cartoons titled The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World were later made (without live-action segments) and would air alongside Captain N: The Game Master on NBC. All three shows are now available on DVD. See also Super Mario Bros The Parody Series for The Abridged Series version.

Ironically, the shows are (relatively speaking) more accurate to the spirit of the games than any other Mario adaptation on either side of the Pacific.

For tropes unique to one of the three shows, see their respective articles.

Tropes present on more than one show:

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Super Mario Bros Super Show, Adventures Of Super Mario Bros 3