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Thomas Fay Syndicate (TFSyndicate for short) is a deviantART account specializing in fan art, photography and media by Thomas Fay.

His résumé includes fan art of Parappa The Rapper, They Might Be Giants, The Monkees, Music/Gorillaz, among others.

Here are some tropes that are frequent in his artwork:

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Here are tropes for his original projects:
    I.M. Hip 
I.M. Hip is his webcomic. It updates on Fridays.

    A Train's World 
Started in 2007, this is an "urban Thomas And Friends" set in the New York Subway.

Thomas Fay also created a virtual band called The Plastic E-Gulls. They have their own trope page

... and his Crossover fanfic.
A Crossover between Thomas Fay and other worlds, in his quest to rebuild the Tommy album.