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Webcomic: Walkyverse

The Walkyverse is the setting of four Web Comic series by David Willis:

Outside the Walkyverse is the Dumbiverse, containing only Dumbing of Age (page here), an Ultimate Universe Alternate Continuity combining characters and elements from all four (but none of the science fiction elements so far).

Although not quite to the same all-encompassing degree as St. Elsewhere, the Walkyverse also includes (de facto at any rate) a number of other comics largely written by friends of Willis, including (but not necessarily limited to) Melonpool, Fans!, Something Positive, "Queen of Wands" ,Girls with Slingshots, All New Issues, Multiplex, Questionable Content, Diesel Sweeties, Penny and Aggie, and Scary Go Round.

Tropes that apply to the Walkyverse as a whole:

  • Author Avatar: Every series has one:
    • Danny Wilcox in Roomies! started the trend, intentionally sharing many traits with Willis. By his own admission, however, Joyce grew into a more fitting avatar.
    • Walky from It's Walky! was more overt, again sharing initials with Willis but also a first name and nickname, car, and other traits.
    • Shortpacked! took it to the next level, with two avatars: one being a fictionalized version of himself, and the other being Ethan.
  • Cerebus Syndrome: Each comic got Darker and Edgier after starting off light-hearted and episodic.
  • Milestone Celebration: Willis loves him some anniversary.
    • #3/2000 (It's Walky!): After being Out of Focus for ten months, we get another look at the remaining Indiana College characters.
    • #5/2002 (It's Walky!): Joyce and Walky, who will become the Official Couple, spend their first night together.
    • #6/2003 (limited print): A poster featuring every single character from the past six years.
    • #7/2004 (It's Walky!): We get a brief cutaway to Danny and Joe that directly references their Roomies! days in the middle of a massive battle much more focused on SEMME.
    • #8/2005 (Joyce and Walky!): Each paid month comes with a computer wallpaper; this month's recreates the first strip's last panel.
    • #9/2006 (Joyce and Walky!): Danny and Billie move into a house together, Danny mentions the events of the first strip.
    • #10/2007
      • Joyce and Walky!: The birth of Billie and Danny's daughter DJ results in a warped, stress-enduced flashback to the first strip.
      • Limited print: A poster featuring most of the major characters.
    • #11/2008 (Shortpacked!): The comic homages via dialogue the first strip, the death of two major characters, a memorable speech Walky made once, and it all ends with a Roomies! Title Drop. There's also the signifigant event of the main SP! characters all moving in together.
    • #12/2009 (Shortpacked!): Joyce and Walky guest appearance as they decide to have Robin authenticate their wedding.
    • #13/2010 (Dumbing of Age): Dumbing of Age's first comic occurs, in order to conserve the anniversary cross-universe.
    • #14/2011
      • Shortpacked!: Amber accepts Mike's wedding proposal.
      • Dumbing of Age: We get a comic on a Saturday.
    • #15/2012
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