Webcomic / Vinigortonio

Vinigortonio (here in English and here in original Portuguese) is a hand drawn webcomic about three friends: Vinicius, Igor and Jose Carlos (and Igor's pet platypus) and the craziness that is their lives. Random antics and video game references abound.

Unlike most webcomics which are updated with a single strip on a weekly basis, Vinigortonio updates monthly with full comic stories about 50 pages long more like a traditional comic.

Arcs thus far are
  • A Day: Igor goes to Vinicius's house. What can go wrong?
  • The Sewer: Vinicius and Jose Carlos decide to investigate exploding manholes and Igor finds a way to prove mammals lay eggs: PLATYPUS!
  • The Debt: Igor gets arrested for being unable to pay immense damage fines and while escaping gets into hot water with an island of intellegent alligators.
  • Natural Sciences: Exam stress gets to be too much for Vinicius.
  • The Rescue: The gang travels to the south pole to rescue Platypus from a helicopter accident and stumble across the evil Raichan and his plot to take over the world.
  • The Card: Raichan returns to seek revenge on our protagonists.
  • The Fan: Igor's air conditioner is compromised, so he buys a fan. Very normal, except not.
  • The Search: Vinicius wants to buy the Japan-exclusive Chibi Robo. Unfortunately, it won't be so easy.
  • Achievement Unlocked: Igor finds out a new way to earn achievements! But maybe he's going a bit too overboard...
  • E3 2012: Obligatory E3 special of Vinigortonio. The three friends go to Los Angeles to watch the event, because live streaming wasn't enough.
  • The Moon: The Moon is going to crash on Earth in 3 days and Igor's gonna know exactly how Link felt like in Majora's Mask.
  • The Inventor: Igor learns never to mess with Vinicius' Brawl disk again.

Vinigortonio contains examples of: