Webcomic: Unichat

We have the four kids. Sonja was born on the moon and has access to the MacGuffin. EntropicPhantom is a more normal guy, so far. pwnz0rz has some useful connections. Meta is Properly Paranoid ( and a cyborg) skilled hacker. Then there's meta's dad. But there's more! @hena doesn't want to die. Then there's Admiral Pancake and his sc underlings. And then there's OITHEOI and BloodShoes. And to top it all off, there's GodsOfOlympus. Got all that?
—A reader, commenting on the plot of the comic.

Unichat is a text-based webcomic about a group of people who communicate on a chat program called Unichat (with the entire comic consisting of their fictional chat logs). It is set in the near future, starting in the year 2089 and featuring a lunar colony where the character Sonja (alias SonjaOfTheMoon) lives. The comic is recently "back from the metaphorical grave" after more than a year of being an Orphaned Series.

Unichat provides examples of: