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Webcomic: The Challenges of Zona
The Challenges of Zona is a webcomic by J.E. Draft, begun in 2005. It is a sequel to an earlier work, The Three Challenges of Zona. Despite the title, the viewpoint character is a second-rate busker called Mentl, who finds a Great Big Book of Everything and is transported to a fantasy world where he discovers both the love of the title character and the ability to cast magic through his music. He then becomes convinced that Zona only loves him because he inadvertantly enchanted her, goes back home, and Zona is left to carry on alone while Mentl gets drunk and farts around back on earth. After which the viewpoint splits into many.

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This webcomic contains examples of:

Chainmail BikiniFantasy WebcomicsChasing the Sunset

alternative title(s): The Challenges Of Zona
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