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''The Challenges of Zona'' is a webcomic by J.E. Draft, begun in 2005. It is a sequel to an earlier work, ''The Three Challenges of Zona''. Despite the title, the viewpoint character is a second-rate busker called Mentl, who finds a GreatBigBookOfEverything and is transported to a fantasy world where he discovers both the love of the title character and the ability to cast magic through his music. He then [[spoiler: becomes convinced that Zona only loves him because he inadvertantly enchanted her, goes back home, and Zona is left to carry on alone while Mentl gets drunk and farts around back on earth.]] After which the viewpoint splits into many.

Feel free to explore [[http://barbarianprincess.com/?p=153 here]].
This webcomic contains examples of:
%%* AlwaysChaoticEvil: The Urrts
%%* AmazonianBeauty: Zona.
%%* AmazonChaser: Mentl
%%** Morcai too, it seems...
* AristocratsAreEvil: Averted with the Erogenians, with the exception, so far, of JerkJock Pontagar. The Kivalians are a more mixed bag. Prince Maldik is TheCaligula, Queen Yanora is a [[MagnificentBastard Magnificent Bitch]], but Count Tethik is definitely one of the good guys.
%%* BadassGay: Count Tethik
%%* BashBrothers: Zona and Tula. Carshik and Brantik qualify as well.
%%* BattleCouple: Ipola and Zonn and, of course, Zona and Mentl.
* BerserkButton: Don't touch Ginsha. Just don't. [[http://barbarianprincess.com/?p=907 No, really. Well, we warned him...]]
** Trying to bully Mentl or endangering Zona in front of him is also a bad idea.
* BestHerToBedHer: Yatta-Ta thinks Zona is this. ''Boy'' is he wrong! [[spoiler: Thankfully, [[CharacterDevelopment he gets better.]]]]
%%* BigBad: Shuach, God of Fire
%%* BigBadWannabe: Maldik
* BiTheWay: WordOfGod is that the Erogenians as a culture practice "situational bisexuality".
%%* BloodKnight: Yatta-Ta is a parody of this.
* BreakTheCutie: Done inadvertantly to [[spoiler: Ginsha]] by [[spoiler: Mentl]]
* BullyingADragon: Even A GentleGiant like Keltan has his limits
%%* CoolOldGuy: Vito
%%* CrystalDragonJesus: The Church of Thrasu in Kivallia.
%%* TheDragon: Gorshash
%%* EccentricMentor: Vito
* FanService: My Gods, the fan service, both male and female.
* FishOutOfWater: Mentl, although he's adapted fairly quickly and fairly well.
* FunctionalMagic: Theurgy, Mentl's music magic (which may be unique to him) and Item Magic. Hinted that Vito uses Rules Magic but we haven't actually seen him in operation.
* GeniusDitz: Yatta-ta, while a buffoon in most cases has proven to be an excellent swordsman.
* GentleGiant: Keltan and Liri, especially Liri when it comes to the "gentle" part of the trope.
* HalfHumanHybrid: Ginsha is half Urtt. Many members of the Snake Clan have varying degrees of Urtt blood.
* HeroicBSOD: Mentl has one after [[spoiler:he becomes convinced that Zona only loves him because he inadvertently enchanted her]]
* IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy: [[spoiler: Why Mentl goes back to our world.]]
%%* LargeHam: Yatta-ta
* LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters: Initially the focus was on Mentl, Zona and Tula but now there are more viewpoint characters than you can shake a stick at.
%%* MusicMagic
%%* MusicalAssassin: Mentl.
* NoCelebritiesWereHarmed: The ruling family of Kivallia bears an awfully strong resemblance to the Plantagents. Maldik (Prince John), Yanora (Eleanor of Acquitaine) and the absent Gudik (Richard the Lion Hearted).
* OurGiantsAreBigger: Giants are a rare mutation among humans who grow much faster than normal humans and never ''stop'' growing. They face persecution and bullying because they tend to be born only in times of hardship and are, by Kivalians at least, considered harbingers of evil. Other writings indicate that to the contrary they're born in order to combat evil. All three giants so far encountered are of the [[GentleGiant gentle variety]]
* PrinceCharmless: Pontagar
** Maldik too. Unlike Pontagar, he's shown shades of [[HeelRealization realizing he's an abhorrent little tool]]. Whether or not he'll act on that insight is left to be seen. So far however Pontigar, unlike Maldik, is merely obnoxious, not evil.
%%* ProudWarriorRaceGuy: The Erogenians
* ThePowerOfRock: Mentl tends to channel his powers through impromptu spells, which are actually the lyrics of favorite rock songs. He accidentally [[LoveIsInTheAir cast a love charm over every lady in a ballroom]] by singing The Troggs' "Love Is All Around Me", and [[PlayingWithFire threw fireballs at an opponent]] with a chorus of Jerry Lee Lewis's "Great Balls of Fire". Also, a future version of Mentl, [[spoiler: joined by his and Zona's future teenage daughter]] used Music/TheBeatles' "Get Back" as a time-travel spell.
* PowerTrio: Mentl with his powers barely under control is definitely the Id and Tula is the meditative Super Ego. Zona might seem an odd choice for the Ego but except when she's in the middle of battle qualifies. Pontagar, Carshik and Brantik may also form a similar group in which case Pontagar is ''definitely'' the Id.
%%* PsychoForHire: Morcai, yeh?
* ReligionIsMagic: Tula gets her powers from the Moon and Earth goddesses, while Gorshash gets his from Shuach.
* ReptilesAreAbhorrent: The Big Bad's {{Mook}}s are a race of AlwaysChaoticEvil LizardFolk called the Urrt.
* RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething: Tula and Zona are both princesses of Erogenia, while Pontagar is an Erogenian prince. Queen Yanora does more to run her kingdom than her son, the nominal ruler, who to be fair, is busy running a war. Ipola of course also counts.
* StealthPun: 'Morcai' is a variation on 'Mordecai', which means 'little man'... and he is obviously on the short side (this may have been unintentional).
%%* StraightGay: Count Tethik.
%%* SwordAndSorcerer: Zona, Tula and Mentl form a trio version of this.
* TrainingMontage: [[spoiler: In a recent arc, Zona and Tula travel to Earth to reunite with Mentl. At one point he reveals that his mother's death (evidently at the hands of evil demon mercenaries) prompted him to [[TookALevelInBadass take several levels in badass]], training himself not only in magic but in krav maga and firearms.]]
%%* TrappedInAnotherWorld
%%* TheUsualAdversaries: The Urrts.