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Webcomic: George the Dragon
I think he smells nachos.
George the Dragon is an original webcomic by writer/artist Gary Lougee.

It is about a very silly dragon (named George) and all his hilarious adventures, hijinks and so forth. It began in May of 2004 but made it to the web on August 31, 2007 on Drunk Duck. Its genre is a mixture but is predominantly fantasy. It is in full color, digitally inked and colored.

George the Dragon is a weekly comic strip that centers on the funny antics of lead character George. While generally the strips are stand alone gags, there are occasional story arcs which serve to add a little more depth to both the character and the world.

The comic began with two characters. George and his antagonist an knight with no name. This is a direct parody of the Legend of Saint George and the Dragon, where the knight is named and the dragon not.

This comic contains examples of:

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alternative title(s): George The Dragon
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