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Webcomic: Crazy Sunshine
The main cast (Left to Right) Lacie, Daifuku/Mochi, Shelbie, Candy, Peppermint

(Lacie smashes the 4th panel with a hammer)
Candy: Okay, what's your excuse this time?
Lacie: Breakin' the 4th wall. Am I right, guys?
— From the strip Four Dimensional Nightmare

Crazy Sunshine is an Urban Fantasy comedy set in its own world and created by Jkun. The comic follows the antics of mischievous troublemaker Lacie, child genius Peppermint, beastly bodyguard Candy, cheery idiot Shelbie, and ninja with a heart of gold Daifuku along with her mean-spirited belly of teeth (really sentient cursed armor) Mochi.

The comic generally follows a gag-per-strip format with some story arcs scattered throughout the archive.

Currently, the series is retelling each protagonist's backstory through a year-long arc, aptly named "O.R.I.G.I.N.S".

In the gag strips, most of the humor derives from the interactions between the characters and the events taking place in the strip. The comic also has some clever uses of the medium (Keep your eyes on the background while you scroll down).

Currently updates once a week and can be seen here.

The official forum for the series can be found here, and the official Wikia page can be found here.

This comic provides examples of:

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