Webcomic / Children Of Eldair

Children of Eldair is a webcomic by Jemma M. Young and Rachel A. Oaks.

A sorcerer named Koe finds an unconscious girl named Embera and nurses her back to health. He then offers to help her find her friends, Indri and Iva. He takes her down to his gazing pond to read the stars there, and begins seeing the events as three young women from a place called America are ripped from their lives and brought to Eldair.

Tropes found in Eldair

  • Astrologer: Koe seems to be one, using his gazing pool to read the stars, which is how he is able to see Embera's past.
  • Blonde, Brunette, Redhead: Indri, Embera and Iva, respectively.
  • Creation Myth: The comic begins with a telling of how the God and Goddess created Eldair and planted their children on it. Later another one is heard from the Elves perspective.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Koe explains that he's a sorcerer and has studied magic for centuries.
  • Walk on Water: Koe seems to do this when bringing Embera to his gazing pool.
  • Word Of God: Jemma and Rachel often have comments below the pages.