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Web Video: The Nostalgia Chick
aka: Nostalgia Chick
From left to right: Elisa (Maven, Makeover Fairy), Lindsay (Nostalgia Chick), and Nella (Nella).

Lindsay Ellis, aka The Dudette, is the Nostalgia Chick. She was one of three winners of a contest on That Guy with the Glasses to recruit a Distaff Counterpart for The Nostalgia Critic, along with That Chick With The Goggles and MarzGurl. Like MarzGurl her concept has drifted into other waters (though she hasn't given up on 'girly' movies completely); her videos nowadays talk about the themes surrounding the movie more than the movie itself, which stems from Lindsay's Master's degree in film criticism. There have been a few story arcs too, which can be summed up in three tropes: Foe Yay note , The Dog Bites Back note  and Stalker with a Crushnote .

Her website, Chez Apocalypse, can be found here. Her blog is here, her official Facebook is here, her Tumblr is here, and her Twitter is here. A list of reviewed works, which also includes the shows by Lindsay's friends Elisa Hansen (also host of Vampire Reviews) and Antonella "Nella" Inserra, is here.

Lindsay, Nella, and Elisa also wrote Awoken, a parody of teen-oriented paranormal romances, originally known by the working titles Fifty Shades of Green or Sexy Alien Book. The plot can be summed up as "Twilight meets the Cthulhu Mythos", with the Bella-analogue Andromeda "Andi" Slate (known during writing as "Lego Brick") falling for one of the Old Ones, who has taken the form of a handsome, brooding teenage boy named Riley Bay. The book is being written by an eight-person team composed of Lindsay, Nella, Elisa, and five ghostwriters picked from the community, under the Portmanteau pseudonym of "Serra Elinsen" (derived from their last names); they had previously fielded ideas for it on this Twitter page. Their videos on the writing process can be seen here.

Oh, and the show also named Big Lipped Alligator Moment, which the Chick is quite proud of.

This show provides and discusses examples of:

"I only like X-Men in an intellectual, analytical, culturally relevant way— [dosed with Truth Serum] —oh my god this was the best show ever, you guys!"

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alternative title(s): Nostalgia Chick; The Nostalgia Chick; Thanks For The Feedback; The Nostalgia Chick; Team N Chick
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